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Surface Pro with Screen Lift Issues


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Seems like I've had the worst of luck. The first surface I received had a bad speaker that was making this crackling sound. The replacement is now having this screen lifting issue. The bottom of the screen is not sitting flush with the surface casing right where the windows button is located. The screen lift is causing a gap that is large enough to stick a paper right through and enough for me to stick my finger nail in if I wanted to. I tried to use clamps to fix this and it worked for about 2 days but when the surface heats up then the screen lifts up again. Is anyone having a similar problem like this?
I have not had this issue but I have come across a couple of stories like this. I thought it was just an issue on the early batch of SPs.

If I were you I would just get it replaced until you get a good one. You've certainly had bad luck but that's what the warranty is for right?