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Surface Pro3 external displays


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Hi Guys,

I am trying to connect external LCD with my surface pro3 through docking station's mini dp port via HDMI cable. Sometimes it work, and sometime doesn't work.

I have checked settings,, Graphics driver but no avail

Any body faces the same issue? and any resolution of it.


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Welcome to the forum tahirabdullah.

While it might be a problem with the cable in question, what I can say is that with my sp4 and new-model docking station, even using mini DP -> mini DP, mine is hit and miss, and i'll often have to unplug the cable from the dock a few times before it'll finally start working.


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Ditto to what hughlle said. It doesn't happen all the time so I am happy to live with it. I have about 20 clients where I work that have Surfaces and I warn them ahead of time that if the external monitor doesn't display while you're booting to unplug and re-plug in the monitor cable from the docking station. It might even take a few times before it works. I even did the "old school" stuff of taking a pencil eraser to the gold plated terminals on the cable plug, but that didn't seem to do any good. We don't purchase the official cable from Microsoft, so I suspect it is possibly the adapter cables that we purchase.

Let's face it. No computer is perfect. There will always be occasional "glitches" and it's just a matter whether your personality allows you to live with them or not. It's kind of s standing joke among my 100 some clients that my fix to them is to power off their computer and power it back on. The truth is that remedies more computer problems than anything else. Memory get's constipated and needs flushed once in awhile. It is even a policy IS tells the clients to power off their computers and reboot about once a week or so.
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