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Surface Pro3 with 2 external displays


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Hi guys,

I wanted to connect Surface Pro 3 with 2 external monitors through a connector connected with docking station, but only 1 monitor is showing the display. Surface pro 3 has a graphics card of Intel HD 5000. I changed the connector but result is same.

Can somebody assist me if it is possible to connect 2 external monitors in surface pro3.


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Yes, it works fine. I have a dock with HDMI and DVI output and so have one monitor running from each. If I turn the screen of one off, the system adjusts itself to the SP3 and one screen automatically. DisplayLink seems to manage all that brilliantly. I have a different set up at a different location with a dock but just one monitor and it goes between the two with no issues.


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Assuming the OP has the standard SP3 Pro kickstand, I would take the dead monitor and plug it in to the circuit that is working to help troubleshoot the problem. Common sense should guide you from there to point you in the right direction.