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Surface Rear Windows Logo Wearing Off


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I barely noticed that there was a logo, and i've read it in this forum somewhere. So i dug up this thread and wonder how it should look like as the logo on mine is very faint, and this is just days old. I'm referring to the logo on the kickstand.


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The logo on the kickstand is faint, which I like, but mine also has a few line through it were the logo has been rubbed off. I don't abuse my devices, but the logo appears to be painted on with no clear coat to protect it. Not a big deal, but an area I would have expected Microsoft to pay more attention to. At least the one build issue I see on my Surface is this minor cosmetic issue and not something that effect the device usage.


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Alright, thanks for the heads up. I guess the logo on mine will disappear anytime soon as my hands are sweaty and somewhat acidic. When that time comes, i'll just replace it with pastel colored stickers. He he.
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"Splotchy" logo

It may sound picky but I find after two weeks that the Windows logo on the back of my Surface is wearing off already. Don't treat it rough and keep it in a slip case when not in use. Anyone else having this problem?


I noticed that my logo--which is medium gray--has developed "splotches" (see photo). Running my fingers over the surface, I can't actually 'feel' the logo, so I'm not sure how it's 'printed' on--but I can't seem to rub it off on my own. I called Surface support and they are willing to exchange the device. In the meantime, I have a skin ordered from iStyles.


I've seen this issue being reported in quite a few places now and I don't understand it.

I bought my RT in the States on 1st November and the back logo still looks the same. There appears to be no wear whatsoever and I use this thing everyday even reading in the bath (yeah I know - kung fu grip). It does reside in a Incipio case when being carried but otherwise, it's out all the time.

What are you guys doing that would make this logo disappear?
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Never paid much attention until I read this thread. My logo is light, but I'm not sure that it's any lighter than it was when new. There is no peeling or chipping at all, it's almost like a 50% Watermark. If it stays the way it is now, I think I prefer it to a bright white logo.