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More disappointing each day. Might return surface and get iPad

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give me a reasonable explanation why my post is just a 'troll' .
As 'WE' , MS fans criticize Apple fanatics, at least let's not be 'MS' fanatics...
I'm just criticizing about 'Surface' according to my own thoughts..

Why did i say troll? Because all your thoughts are inaccurate, a statement like "windows platform on a tablet is too heavy" is an extremely subjective statement with no merit to it at all. The Windows RT works flawlessly, it gives the usability a laptop and file management of a more familiar interface. Above all else, no one told you to wait 9 hours in line that was your choice and sunk cost; secondly if you are having cosmetic issue with the product like the symbol wearing off, take it up with the company before complaining.

All i see from your post is gripe and purposeful bashing that is unnecessary. Claims like "hardware too heavy" and struggling when putting charger on, Really? how old are you 3 years old, it's a simple concept, don't exaggerate the situation to try to make a product appear bad. Troll is troll. Your post has no validity what so ever, over exaggerated complaints are all that is "surfacing" from your post. Pun intended.

So back to my statement, thanks for the hilarious Troll post. This forum is for Surface enthusiast, Not unnecessary bashing or threats like "I'm going to buy an ipad" we could care less. State your problem and we'll try to help. No need to exaggerate a situation when it's not needed.
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I also have an iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1", in addition to my Surface. I much prefer the Surface.


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A problem with an enthusiast forum is that every post which is generally negative on the subject is gong to be called trolling. (Because, well, there are actually a lot of trolls out there.) At the same time, it's natural after buying a $500 device with high expectations to get down and negative after the first couple disappointments... it's human nature to "globalize" and start to call the whole thing crap. There *are* disappointments in Surface, of course. But it's still a great device, and there are ways to overcome its limitations. I think there have been some great responses in this thread that show that-- thanks to those people who did more than reply "eff you" and send a potential Surface-fan packing.

I love my Surface and have some of the OPs issues at the same time:

* My logo is rubbing off after just days, and my touch cover already has a tear. So, I'm headed down to the Microsoft store today to chat them up about it. They will exchange my touch cover and we'll see if I feel like exchanging my Surface over the cosmetic thing.

* The charger port is a PITA, and I do wish it was a lot easier to attach. Maybe I'll try the filing solution. I also wish there was a car charger.

* 19gb of available memory makes me nervous. But guess what... a 64gb microSD card fixed that and pretty cheaply. And if I wanted to get crazy, 128gb is on the market (tho its a lil pricey.)

* On the other hand, microSD support isn't quite fully baked. But there is a solution for that too, involving mapping the card to an NTFS folder. Since it's Windows, you can do that!

Since these gripes all have potential solutions, they are more than made up for by the things I love about the device. The other day I needed to edit a VIDEO in a pinch and I was at a restaurant. I would not usually have my laptop with me because of the size and weight. But now I carry Surface everywhere. I was able to open up, Remote Desktop to my regular computer, and actually make changes and email my client. Wow...

I threw a Eye-Fi card in my SLR camera which uploads every shot to Flickr (those things are amazing and cheap btw), and now because of the Windows 8 Flickr integration, I can immediately view all of the pics I snap on my digital camera on my Surface right inside Pictures. It's an amazing solution.

The HDMI output alone is amazing. That, combined with a real file system, meant that yesterday I was able to log on to Easynews, search for a show I wanted to watch, download the AVI and easily throw it up on the TV. Try that on iPad: you could watch the video you downloaded, but you couldn't save it anywhere I don't think!

All different kinds of awesome scenarios are possible with Surface because of those "heavy" Windows underpinnings... it just takes a little while and some use to discover them.

Plus, I'm looking forward to seeing how they improve things and address some of the issues-- and I really hope there will one day be a Surface 2 (will they just call it "the NEW Surface"?).


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Being heavily involved in 2 Android Tablet forums, those complaints sound strangely familiar. Like many of the Android Tablet complaints. ;)


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hmmm this guy is a >language<

What a nice civilized response to his answer on why he believed your post was Troll. You seem to have no constructive counter argument to offer, so you resorted to calling him vulgar name. I should also add that that's a violation of forum rules. Everyone has been quite respectful, the moment you blow your mouth off out of rage(calling him a F-tard) is the moment you lose respect from other users. The fact that you resorted in calling him a vulgar name just puts you in even a more so negative light.

Please refer back to this Thread post http://www.surfaceforums.net/forum/new-member-introduction-site-assistance/162-guidelines-conduct-surfaceforums-net.html and review how to appropriately behave on a forum respectfully.

Although his post may borderline a "personal attack" he outlined the inconsistencies within your initial statement and did exactly what you asked and answered why he thought your post was "troll". Your post on the other hand is the epitome of a Personal attack, filled with malice and anger, none the less inappropriate for any young users to see. Quite frankly, if you've looked at the other post within the thread they're provide counter arguments to your complaints, yet this user(Jbaker8390) points it out in a different light and you can't take criticism.

Hopefully one of the moderators will see your inexcusable remark and address your attitude.
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You flipped my mind around. I will suck it up and keep my Surface.
Thanks dude.

Glad luke.j93 as you decided to keep your surface.
Hope you can share some awesomeness about surface and keep family friendly.

Thread cleaned and closed.

Should any questions arise, please do not hesitate to contact the moderating team.

Thanks you
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