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Surface Repair Service is Excellent


I just thought I'd post this in case it comes up for anyone. Two weeks ago my Surfact RT just stopped turning on. I'd press the power button every way I could think of and it just wouldn't turn on. The next day I went online to the MS Surface support page, put in my serial number and got instructions to send it in. Although I sent it regular, about a week later it came back to me fully repaired, free (under warranty) and shipped free. I was very pleased with how fast and easy the whole thing was. No concersations or approvals were necessary, just sent it in, got it fixed and it was sent back to me.

When it arrived and I set it back up (quite easy most things quickly synced) I realized that I couldn't find my micro memory card. I was sure that I'd taken it out before shipping and put the tiny sucker in a secure place. Needless to say, I was upset that I couldn't find it. Today four days later a slim bubble wrapped package came to me from Microsoft sending me my memory card with a short note. I was really happy and impressed that they had found the card in the Surface while checking it to repair, removed it, then tracked and separately shipped it back to me.

Very excellent quick and impressive service.