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Surface RT cannot login at startup screen


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I have a very weird problem with my Surface RT regarding the Logon screen at startup. The problem is that I cannot enter my password with english characters because recently I added a BG (Bulgarian) keyboard layout and for some reason later I removed the EN layout. Now I have the only option to type my password with BG letters and cannot log in since my password is in english. I already tried the 'Restore' and 'Automatic Repair' options with no success. After restart I am still having the only option of BG Layout. There is also no language bar at the bottom right part of the screen. It seems like the ultimate suicide for one to remove the english keyboard layout. I did this, because I had 2 english layouts US and UK but after I removed one of them now I got only BG for my startup logon. No way to enter my password at all :(

Here is a picture of my situation:


Do you guys have any ideas?

Thank you very much in advance! :)