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Surface RT screen rotation issue



I'm not sure if there was an update that changed this but on my settings charm bar I no longer have a Screen icon, in its place I have a brightness option. This is fine but I have no way to lock or unlock screen rotation. Anyone else encountered this? I want to keep the device in landscape but be able to flip it depending on which stand I'm using (new MiniSuit case allows a 25 degree incline but makes the display upside down).

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Ditto. But last night, it won't rotate. I had to exhume the settings in Modern UI to no avail. It is still on the desktop screen settings though, and that's what I used.


Yup the desktop - control panel - display resolution menu worked. I got rid f the issue by shutting down the tablet and removing my type cover then powering on the surface. Once booted up the Brightness charm was gone and the Screen one was back. Perhaps a type cover screen lock bug??
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