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surface standby time?


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I really wana gt the new surface. the main reason i didnt gt the 1st gen is the battery life.
i always see ppl said they are geting around 4.5h but what about stand by time?
sony duo 13 can have 9-10 hours of actual using time which can last me 1-2 full day.
does surface drain battery during sleep? does it have instand on?

thank you


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If you put the pro to sleep vs. Hibernate it'll act like instant on ;)

Today my complex had a mandatory power outrage for repairs from 9a.m. to 5p.m. I left for work around 6:30a.m.. at 5p.m. when the power cut back on, it was still at 100%. This was on my pro1. I know pro2 will drain even less on sleep or hibernate.


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It will drain the battery a bit during sleep (S3) but I think it takes quite a few weeks to make a significant impact. If you turn it off or hibernate, the only thing you really need to worry about is the self-discharge of the battery. That depends a *lot* on temperature and the battery's condition.

It is not instant, but the Surface Pro boots very fast.