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Let Surface often plugged on charger and 1st initial Charge??


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Hello Everybody ,

I have Ordered my Surface Pro 64go and will recieve it soon.. I've read this forum for some hours and read also Surface's User Manual but I got 2 questions about battery,

First, when I'll recieve it , do I need to make a 1st initial charge? Like 8hours before power on for the 1st time? It's often recommended on High Tech stuff with batteries (Asus T100 for exemple) but it's not said on Users manual..

Second question, I will probably use my Surface 90% at home , is it a problem to let it often (Always?) plugged on charger even when battery is full? At long term, will it damage the battery or highly reduce battery life/time. (As it can happen with Laptops, as I remember..)

Thanks you for you help and sorry for my approximative english,

French guy here :big smile:

I have a Surface Pro and use it at my desk most of the time, I just disconnect once charged and let battery come down to about 10% and reconnect, though if I am watching a movie or working on photographs, as is my hobby, I will leave it connected, if I turn off Surface I disconnect charger. Jim
My Surface came dead, so I needed to charge it up. The optimal battery usage varies depending on who you ask... personally I just let it run down once every couple of weeks or so. There was a post recently on here from someone who spoke to Microsoft and they said you should try to keep it around the 30-40% mark when possible.
From what I understand, it is best not to obsess about the battery. Use it normally and charge it per requirement. The only thing is that about once 3-4 weeks, run it down to 10% and charge it back up - apparently it helps in calibrating the battery.

Basically, the power supply has enough wattage to charge the battery AND operate the Surface. So plug it in and use it when you get it.
LiIon batteries wear out when cycled. So charge it, and try to keep it charged. They are also damaged by heat, so avoid covers and such that may trap processor heat near the battery.
Occasionally, like every couple of months, do a full cycle. That will let the software analyze the battery so that the battery gauge is more accurate. Me, I only fully discharge them if I think the gauge is way off.

LiIon batteries actually will store longest if held near 0%. But that is not a good idea for many, many reasons, so most people recommend closer to 50%, for storage.
Note that a LiIon battery is at 0% near 3.2volts per cell. If you let a battery sit for a while at 0%, it may fall below 3.2 volts. If it does, it is destroyed. Never store a battery at 0%.

But I don't buy my devices to STORE, so I keep them at 100% and on charge whenever I can. That cuts down on the cycling, which is bad, and the recharge heat, which is bad.

Basically, use it how you want, keep it charged as often as you can. Don't obsess about disconnecting the charger when unused or cycling the battery.
I run mine on basically the same schedule as my phone - use on battery during the day, charge overnight while I'm asleep.

The only exception being if I'm gaming/doing something battery intensive.
I have noticed that when the battery is fully charged the light on the magnetic plug goes out on my surface pro.