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Surface update left Surface 3 mute.


I wonder if anyone else has had this problem. Yesterday my Surface 3 was not able to play any sounds. The speaker set up widget gave a unhelpful "There was an error" message. The Microsoft support site, in the self help section, ran the sound trouble shooter and then the hardware and drivers trouble shooter. The hardware and drivers trouble shooter pointed out that the AC3 driver was not fully installed. It fixed it, and life goes on.

This isn't the first time this has happened though. I had to reinstall the all the sound drivers after another update.

Am I alone? All these finicky little problems on my Surface 3 are like sleeping with mosquitoes. It really takes the fun out of it.
Microsoft are #1 when it comes to stating the obvious. Something goes wrong and you get a 'Oops, there was an error.' message. Really? You don't say! What makes you think that?


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No issue with my S3 after the upgrade.

I do agree, however, that MS's approach to things Surface and Windows 10 hasn't been handled as well as it could have been handled. A lot can be said on their behalf and not so much on their behalf, though, depending - what I believe is that it's irresponsible to release hardware and software before they are thoroughly tried and tested. I understand that with tech stuff there's always going to be something that isn't perfect: that's not what I'm talking about. Obviously, even to the most ardent MS supporter, Windows 10, and to a little lesser degree, the Surface line were not ready for release when they were released.

Some agree and some agree, but are willing to deal with all the headaches. Frankly, all I can see to this is that if I handled my business the same way MS handled releasing Windows 10 and the Surface line, I doubt I would be in business - economy of scale, so to speak: MS is big enough they can absorb a lot of dissatisfaction, but I apparently don't have the luxury. Anyway, all that aside. It is still irresponsible to sell/release products as they've done so far.