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Surface 3 Atom W 8.1 latest updates multiple drivers crashing


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I Refreshed my Surface 3 Windows 8.1 in August ... for a few days it was ok but after the last two sets of updates I have multiple drivers crashing. Seems like the bug infested W10 code is replicating into 8.1

Video driver crashes, everything freezes up, screen goes black for a while.
Audio driver crashes, no more audio until after a reboot.
Wifi driver crashes, looses connection logs copious amounts of errors freezes up

Anyone else having these problems?


I have problems with my Audio from time to time and a reboot will bring it back.

That's the only issue as far as I can tell.

Surface 3 with Widows 10


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Somewhere around October updates these problems cleared up.

Now, since the December Tuesday updates they are All BACK! Pathetic.

Except now, the message that says the display driver crashed is removed. Exact same symptoms but no message, not a good fix. Very Pathetic!