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Given that this site is dedicated to the Microsoft Surface device, which ships with Windows 8, which comes standard with IE 10 Desktop and Metro, could we at least see this board support the Desktop version 10 of the IE browser in full? I am posting from a Windows 7 64 machine that runs IE 10 and still need to use compatibility mode to get PARAGRAPHS and Post Pictures for Gods Sake. I do find it sort of Classic Microsoft that this site is entirely about a Microsoft Product that ships with a browser that is not supported by this Site. Sounds about right for Microsoft.
You do realize that this site has zero affiliation with Microsoft? The good news is IE 11 works perfectly on this site :D
I am not bashing anyone. Does it make sense that this site doesn't fully support the browser the product its sole purpose for existing ships with? Is that hard for anyone to understand here? SURFACE FORUM - WINDOWS 8 - Ships with IE 10 - this site requires compatibility in that browser to work fully. What part of that did I fail to explain? Up until I came to my senses and returned my SURFACE PRO, I had to use compatibility mode in the native browser to do basic things like make Paragraphs. You do understand this is the point of my post right?
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You do realize that this site has zero affiliation with Microsoft? The good news is IE 11 works perfectly on this site :D

With answers like this one, you seriously could have fooled me. Anytime you feel like answering the ACTUAL question, FEEL FREE. :D
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This site is run on vBulletin software as are most internet forums out there. It is not a MS product. There is a version 5 out that might fix some of the IE 10 issues, but I don't know if it does or not. I'm sure there is a cost associated with that as well and this is a free, ad-supported site. Add me to the list of people requesting a fix for the IE10 issues though. Its really annoying to come to a Surface forum and not be able to use it on your Surface.

There is a workaround for paragraphs. Click the leftmost button on the post toolbar to switch to Source mode. You can use your enter key when you do that.
Right and does not natively support IE 10... I notice no one wants to post when we get to the actual point of my post. Compatibility mode FTW. I know. I was simply asking a rhetorical - Obvious question and rather than answer it they attempted to make it appear I thought the board was run by Microsoft.