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IE 10 Compatibility View


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I just discovered a tweak that does not seem to have been addressed in a previous post here. I was having problems with IE 10 on RT not being backward compatible with some of the web sites that I use which have integrated graphics. The version of IE 10 on the desktop can be adjusted by hitting F12 to bring up developers' tools, and then selecting browser version. Hitting the "Compatibility View" seems to work. Unfortunately the "Metro" IE 10 does not seem to have this option. I have seen that such a schizoid approach to internet browsing has been a source of severe criticism in reviews of the Surface. I would hope that all of this could be cleaned up with a software update.
Yes, the two different browsers with different capabilities and even looks is the largest design flaw in Windows 8/RT that I have experienced so far. You can understand the spilt for desktop and Modern UI apps but to have an IE in both that is completely different really breaks down the clean break between the two areas particularly when the app IE is so bad. They need to either make it as functional as the desktop IE or just drop it and let it kick you to the fully functional desktop IE which at least is compatible with the idea that certain powerful apps are only available in the desktop.