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Swipe to go back - slow re-loading webpage?



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I would think it is other pro users being on the pro forum but who knows.

It kills me on sites like Reddit where you click a pic then have to go back, no way surfing on my ipad should be faster than this beast.


I think deleting browser history is a constructive thing to try. Whenever mine gets buggy (a lot) I do this and the improvement is noticeable


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Yes same issue here but I've come to realize that IE11 mobile is completely unusable for me and probably the worst mobile browser I have ever used. The back issue was jarring but what kills it is not having text wrap when resizing the screen. If I have the browser taking up half the screen, I need to constantly pan left and right to read each line of text (or shrink the page so small the text is unreadable). I quickly realized that although the desktop browsers aren't optimized for touch, they are at least usable.


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I have the habit of opening new web pages into new browser tabs, so I normally don't even see the back-swipe thing.


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This is slowly becoming a game changer for me. Thinking of exchange this for something less buggy.

Has anyone found a fix for this or know if Microsoft is at least working on it? it really messes my experience up so much I find myself using an old android tablet for internet browsing.


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I Find it slow for myself also, but wouldn't think of returning my device for a 5 nano second pause, I think that's just silly, to me that's just overreacting to something so small lol


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I think this is largely dependent on the sites your browsing. On some sites I visit, swiping back is instant. Others, there is a delay.


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Much of the issue is how IE11 handles cross-site scripting which impacts Banner Ads. There are sites that don't allow cached views because of their Banner Ads which requires a full page load.