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Switch between Tablet mode and Desktop as hoped


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When the device is turned on and you attach or detach the keyboard or docking station, the device switches nicely from Tablet to Desktop mode or vice versa.

Now, when you turn off the device, detach it from the keyboard (or vice versa when powered off as Tablet) and turn it on again, it doesn't know what mode it's in. You can set to auto switch to tablet after sign in or not (or to any other option, it doesn't mather), but the mode is not detected. So, this leads, at least in my case, often to the situation the device is signed in with the wrong mode. The 'always ask option' (when set) is not popping up after sign in, so this is anoying, because you have to go to settings to change it to the correct mode...

Is there another way to do this, or to let it work after sign in?


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I can't answer you on the whole power off things, but "go to settings", well in case you havn't spotted this yet, just swipe in from the right and click the tablet mode button. Takes 2 seconds to change, and really isn't that much hassle