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Wishlist for Windows 10 Tablet Mode on SP3


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OP has posted exactly what I came in here to express. The surface needs a seamless change from tablet mode to desktop because it is so good at being both. We need to get rid of the taskbar in fullscreen start, add a desktop app and improve the app list allowing for it to be accessed with a gesture.

Paul Chapman

Yep, accessing the app list with a swipe gesture would be ideal.

Swipe from the bottom is dead now in Tablet mode, unless you happen to have the Taskbar auto hiding down there. But a swipe in from the left should bring in the All apps list, populating the full screen as per Win8.1. The gesture is there now when viewing Start Screen in Tablet mode. It just needs to become three columns wide, as per Start Screen tiles, and only then scroll down if they take up more than one screen.