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Syncing music library to Surface


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I'd like to sync my current music library that I have stored on my home WIN 7 pc to the Surface RT table. There's no way of syncing the device in WMP 12, as if it were an attached device. I dont want to copy the entire library since it's kinda big, I'd like to just sync some playlists. I've been able to get the Surface on the home network & I can see my playlist that live on my regular PC, but when I go to play a playlist it can't play it on the "Xbox Music" app. It seems like it should be easier to sync your personal WMP playlist to the tablet.....WMP would be nice...


All I did since it was setuo for the other systems in our home was join my Surface to my network home group.
this made all the homegroup shared libraries avaiable on my Surface.
they just show up in "My Music" in the default app same with any compatable videos in the homegroup media servers.