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My personal review of the Surface RT


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Ok I finally got a chance to use my new Microsoft Surface RT 64GB version with 64GB Micro SD installed. I have both the type pad and the touch cover. I tried out the touch cover and found that’s not for me, so I pulled out the type pad and I love it. I originally purchased this tablet on Oct 26, 2012, but because I was deployed so I made the decision to leave it at home till I returned. My experience with the device so far has been awesome. When I first turned it on I did my initial set up and grab all of the current updates. I found the system to be very responsive and fits my needs. I tested the pro version at best buy, but was discouraged by the short battery life. I also found no need for the legacy programs as I found Apps in the Apps store that filled the void. The screen resolution is great. I’ve used both the IPAD and the Motorola Xoom and find this tablet to be easy on the eyes. Right now I’m on a trip to New Jersey and decided to leave my notebook at home and I don’t miss it. I use Sky drive and drop box to share data without any problems. I’ve set up my GMAIL and YAHOO mail accounts on the first try without issue, since I work for the government I set up an AKO account by using IMAP and I’m impressed. Some of my accounts require CAC card access and I was able plug in my USB CAC card reader and sign in to those accounts quicker than I could on my notebook, I had no issues with drivers as the system installed the drivers automatically. This is something that the IPAD and Android tables can’t do. Microsoft do need to do a better job of supplying legacy printer drivers. I have the Lexmark PRO 901 printer however I can’t use it because there are no available drivers. I recently purchased the Lexmark PRO 915 and that solved the issue, I also have a dell 1720dn which I will try to connect as a secondary printer when I return home. This morning I grabbed one of my portable hard drives to bring with me on the trip and I tested the video functions with some AVI and MP4 movie files that were in excess of 1GB and found the Surface to play these files without lag. I have not tried any other video file types, but most of my files are AVI or MP4. I currently have no plans to use it for music, but if I did I would like to see Microsoft make some improvements on how the music is categorized in XBOX music, I like to have my music broken down by R & B, Gospel and Jazz, however the playlist is limited on how much music can be added per play list. The play list should have no limits of the number of songs that can be added, this would give the user the ability to have playlists broken down by genre, this is something that can be done with ITUNES, however ITUNES is not available for Windows RT. I like that Microsoft included the office suite, for what I do I find it very functional. I do wish Microsoft outlook was included but the mail app is pretty functional. As far as the app store goes I know there is nothing Microsoft can do, the developers should come on board as this is a great system as far as I can see and I would like to see more functional apps included in the store. Let’s get to the cameras. I don’t use my tablet to take photos are record video, but for SKYPE use this is awesome. As far as battery life I get an average of 9 hours with normal use. Of the two versions of surface tablets I would love to Microsoft continue updating and adding more features to the RT as this is giving me a total tablet experience.


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Congrats on your purchase. You pretty much hit the highs and the lows. Unfortunately the printer drivers are like the apps, they are the responsibility of the developers or the printer company not MS. Unfortunately I have a Canon and they are pretty well known for not updating printer drivers. Of course buying a new printer is the solution the printer companies want you to use ;) I am sure things will only continue to get better for the Surface.