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System Process when turn on while docking


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Hi, I wanted to know if this happens to someone else. When I turn on my surface pro 3 while in docking station, the system process get 20% of cpu, but if I turn on without docking, the process does not exceed 1%.
I don't have a Surface Pro 3 and a dock, but I have a Surface Pro 2 and a dock. Regardless whether I turn on my Surface Pro 2 with or without the dock, the system process doesn't seem to take up any significant amount of CPU usage...it was fluctuating below 3%.

Then again, the fact that your dock connects to your Surface Pro 3 over just 1 disguised Thunderbolt port (that's what the charging port is), whereas my dock connects over USB 3.0 AND Mini DisplayPort, could make a difference. Also, what I have connected to my dock could differ significantly from what you have. I have the following connected:
- BluRay Reader, DVD/CD Reader/Burner Drive
- Diamond USB 3.0 hub with gigabit Ethernet (my on-the-go docking solution)
- 1.5 TB FreeAgent GoFlex portable HDD (connected to USB 3.0)​

Either ways, it sounds like a normal behaviour. 'Cause the more devices connected to the Surface Pro when it wakes up, the more devices it would need to initialize for use.


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What does not make sense is if I turn on the surface while not docked, and then connect to the dock when finish booting, the system process kept below 1%, while if I turn on directly docked, the process stays at 20% all time. Sorry for my english...


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I have a SP3 dock with a printer, 27 inch monitor, dvd player, speakers, mouse and keyboard hooked up to it. My SP3 CPU usage does not change if I boot it up by itself or in the dock. It stays around 1% when sitting idle.

What you are experiencing is NOT normal. I would try starting it in the dock with no peripherals attached. If it is doing it just in the dock with nothing attached then I think I would maybe contact MS support--somethings not right with a driver or something. If it starts up fine and doesn't stay at 20%, then I would repeat the process adding back whatever peripherals you have connected to the dock. My guess is that it is one of those that is peaking the CPU, not the dock itself.

I'll be curious to hear what you discover. Keep us posted. Good luck! :)