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Tablet gets hot - SP3


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I have windows defender turned off, my fan still keeps spinning even on 3% CPU and the back of tablet gets really hot. Has anyone experienced this?
This happened to me. Couldn't figure it out at first. There were a bunch of apps that were trying to update, but were stalled. I stopped the updates and then restarted them. Problem seemed to be solved. Check that. This happened right after the last update. All seems good now.
You can cool off the device by undervolting using a free Intel program. Also, there are ways to create your own power profile to avoid turbo.
Which program? My concerned is even though CPU usage is only 10 % why is my fan turning on? Looks like very common surface pro3 problem
Look at Task Manager and or Resource Monitor to see what is generating CPU, Network, or Disk activity.

IF your device is hot AND there's no apparent CPU, Disk, or Network activity there's something wrong with it.