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Tegra 3 is less power efficient than snapdragon S4


According to this bench marking, the Tegra 3 is less power efficient than the Snapdragon S4 and Intel Atom. This is surprising, right? Even if the Tegra is cheaper, at $500 for the Tablet I think we deserve the better processor, IMO.

Update: Intel Expands Our Battery Testing At CES 2013 : Why You Need To Look At Tablet Power Benchmarks Critically

It might so be, but the Tegra 3 also deilivers power an nice graphical performance. It's also very smart in the way it handles multitasking. When an app is suspended on the surface rt with multitasking, it dehydrates power out of the app and hydrates power and performance into the App that is being used. If your experiencing problems with the Tegra 3 on the surface, it may not be soo much the Tegra 3 itself but the software and apps that aren't fully optimised to take advantage of this power full-yet friendly processor.


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It looks like Intel is doing their best to make the rounds. I just read this similar article from Anandtech AnandTech - The x86 Power Myth Busted: In-Depth Clover Trail Power Analysis.

Bottom line is power isn't all it is cracked up to be in a one number summary. There are many things at play. For example Windows RT doesn't make use of the 5th power saving core o the Tegra 3. That by itself is a huge omission in the results. While Intel is making some valid points you also have to keep in mind that they are not an unbiased party.