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Broadwell Core-M new details


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We all expect the next Surface Pro to have a Broadwell Core-M CPU.

All? Well maybe not all but a Broadwell CPU probably... I suspect some might prefer a Broadwell U chip with 15w TDP instead of the Core-M with 4.5w TDP. Details on the U series is a bit further out yet, what we have are some details about the 4.5w Core-M. of course the comparisons are sufficiently obtuse to keep things still a bit cloudy.





Comparisons to 4 year old i5 predecessors and Atom chips look good but what we really want to see is how it compares to a Haswell i5 4300U ... for that we will have to wait a bit longer.

That Atom 3D Mark score is on par with last years (current) tablets from Apple and Samsung and the Surface 2 and the Core-M is nicely 12,000-15,000 points above even the Tegra K1 benchmarks which represents the best of this years crop of ARM chips. Its also better than an i5 4300U and significantly better than one throttling.

Expect less of a difference between CPU performance of an i5 4300U and a Core-M i5Y70.

Microsoft got hosed by Intel twice on this product cycle. First Broadwell was supposed to be out last year which would have been awesome. Then it was going to be at the end of 2014... no doubt prompting MS and Intel to take extraordinary measures to build the SP3 with Haswell mid 2014. Turns out a breakthrough in Broadwell production has the Core-M ready now and potentially devices showing up for the holiday shopping cycle with them inside. How soon dare MS replace the SP3???

Chinese curse: May you live in interesting times. :)