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Text Messaging on an LTE Surface


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I have a TMobile LTE SIM in my Surface which also gives me unlimited text messaging. I would love to be able to send outbound texts, but can't figure out how to do so. Inbound texts go to the messaging app, but I can't figure out how to enable the outbound messages. I think I need to input the outbound SMS center, but don't see anyway to do so. Does anyone know whether this app or a different one supports messaging through cellular text messaging service (e.g. not Google Voice or something).


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I would also like to know the answer to this. I can receive messages into the Windows Messaging app but every time I try to send or respond I receive the message titled "Can't send" that says "We couldn't send your message. Check to make sure airplane mode is turned off and your SIM is active, then try again."

Obviously those conditions are met because I am receiving SMS messages and have an active WAN connection.