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The Calendar to unite them all....


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Apologies if this is the wrong place but this is starting to drive me crazy. I have a Surface Pro 3 and an Android Smartphone, a hotmail email account that I actually use (I know) and a gmail account for Play Store etc. All I want is a calendar app that works an syncs across both devices, I have S Planner on my phone that I don't really use anymore, Google Calendar that I do use and One Calendar on my Surface. One calendar on my Surface is linked to my hotmail and gmail accounts but doesn't seem to sync everything for example I add the interest calendars (sports mainly) on my Surface and some appear on both but some only appear on one. Unless I'm being thick, which is a distinct possibility, I can't seem to download the Google Calendar app to my Surface.

Can someone please either tell me in idiot steps how to make everything I've got sync or what I can replace it with so if I put something into the calendar on my computer it appears on my phone and vice versa.



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I've actually had reasonable success with the Hotmail/Outlook calendar on my SP3, Win 10 phone and Sumsung (Android) tablet. Have you tried entering your appointments on the Hotmail/Outlook calendar? They should be available when to go to the Hotmail/Outlook calendar on all your devices.


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That tends to work but the interest calendars don't, so they're on my Surface but not on my phone. When both apps are using my Gmail account I'm not sure why this happens.

I'm getting frustrated that I can't have the same app on my phone and on my Surface.