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The cheapest FULL HD phone


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Neo N003 may deliver a 1080p smartphone for $145, but don't expect miracles
In this video you will get to see the Neo N003's MHL feature to display web browsing and video to a 1080p display. We can also see that the phone can be controlled via wireless mouse and keyboard affectivley tranforming the handset in to a mini home PC. My dream is a Full HD Intel Atom phone running full Windows 8, able to use wireless keyboard, hdmi out and wireless mouse. Until that day arrives this will be my next phone (Neo N003), it can do all that but it's an Android ARM-based one. Android is the Windows of mobile platforms, and cheap Chinese phones are the cheap IBM PC compatibles. History repeats itself.
Ultimate quad-core MT6589 resource updated now over 60 phones! : Gizchina.com
Neo N003: Worlds cheapest 1080, quad-core phone.
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Yeah, but with only 4GB storage? That seems quite low unless there is a MicroSD option. Nevertheless, the pricing is amazing!!!
There is a MicroSD option. I'll buy the Premium one with 32GB, still costs a third of a Samsung or an iPhone:
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I don't know, in that case it will be hacked like all the other Android phones to have Google play store. Android is very easy to hack :cool2:
I just ordered the Premium one!


I have a dream: to use Surface Pro and Neo N003 with the same bluetooth keyboard+mouse.