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The RDP vacum "lack of truly easy to use computer remote optimized for touch screen functionality"

Josh Hall

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So I've installed Microsoft RDP splashtop and pc remote from the windows app store. I Have found that each deliver some level of functionally that is useful however each falls short of being truly what I am looking for. In part because of the rdp and in part because of functionality of the new windows start menu. some of which I am certain can be solved with a work around that I myself lack the technical expertise to solve. I will start with what I like about splashtop and pc remote then suggest and ask you the community about some possible work arounds that have come to mind.
(denotes possible work around i will research or is related to an issue that could be fixed by desktop configuration)
+ splashtop streamer provides smoothness to rdp that i have never seen before.
+ the ability to switch displays.
+overall functionality is superb
+connection with ease wake on LAN function
+Overall the best rdp I've used hands down
-Screen resolution is switched to the native of the tablet upon switching to the display.
-Moves the icon of your desktop into a clump and cause sub hd viewing of video and forces video to reload each time display is switched.
(-lack of an easy to use volume function.)
(-lack of an easy way to load Netflix amazon video and spotify etc.)
- moving applications from screen to screen is difficult and requires switching to trackpad and still only barely works.

PC remote.
+remote for pc has volume control for applications such as spotify Netflix etc
+ability to turn of displays in power functions.
-no way to switch between displays

- no way to shut down just one display
- no easy way to adjust system volume.
- no way to easily load applications to a specific display

The work around.

So after some thinking I've come up with a few ideas

Use the windows 8 start menu but customize buttons for volumes and launch applications on certain displays to solve the problem with volume control and paging windows.

The only one that i'm not sure if i can figure out is pause and play buttons for Netflix navigation buttons for spotify songs and the menu etc.

At any rate any feed back or suggestions are appreciated

!!tile genie lets you make a custom tile to open a specific web page just search tile genie on the windows app store
!! Windows key+Shift+left arrow moves your currently app across displays(now how to get that into a windows tile)
!! I have found powershell cmdlets that allow you to adjust the system volume https://github.com/cdhunt/WindowsAudioDevice-Powershell-Cmdlet The guide to install the cmdlet is included pretty simple i did however have to include the entire path to the cmdlet package in order to get it to import
!! script works tile genie however will not execute the script when click instead navigate use this guide to add a file to your app list in the start menu http://forums.cnet.com/7723-33042_102-582486/how-to-pin-a-file-to-the-start-screen/ create a shortcut and add it to the file specified.
!! To keep the window from opening and tabbing out the video your watching use a vbs script download an editor set to compile executable to wsmode and 64 bit then copy a shortcut into your window icons can be set for the application.
!!now to figure out a script to open something in a specific window.

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