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Disable the touch screen to use the pen


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Maybe you could try Tray Touch Toggle from the first post here:

It works the same way as the scripts above (i.e., it enables/disables the HID device) and you can enable/disable Touch by clicking on an icon in the system tray. Just follow the instructions to correctly identify the device. Let me know if you need any help.


This does exactly what I need! Easily installed, and you get a small icon in the tray that toggles touch on and off, and indicates the state by its color. Thanks!

Note that the docs indicate that this application probably doesn't work for non-English systems.

Also thanks to all who have been helpful with the Powershell cmdlets. I hadn't known about any of that before. I'm still curious about how to get them to work, but now it's just to satisfy my own need for learning.


Thank you Francis , exactly what I need. ThenSP3 is "like a paper sheet" now
I tried to do the same thing using Devcon function

I wrote this little batch file

:: Desactive écran Tactile
@echo off
Devcon disable HID_DEVICE_UP:000D_U:0004

The HID-compliant touch screen device remain disabled but still works (?) I don't know why , when I disable it manually (going to parameters) Touch Screen is really disabled ....

Thank you for your great job
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I'have done a Toggle to switch between enable/disable touch screen with the Powershell of Francis.

I took my inspiration from Windows 8: Create a toggle touch screen button | JoeQuery

You'll also need to install Devcon Command before running the script (the file devcon.exe is included when you install the WDK Windows Device Console (Devcon.exe) - Windows 10 hardware dev , but indeed you only need to copy to Windows\system32 directory the Devcon.exe file, you don't need the full WDK install)

The .bat file is
devcon status "%touchscreenid%" | findstr "running"
if %errorlevel% == 0 (
    powershell.exe -WindowStyle hidden -file C:\Path\Disable_TouchScreen.ps1
) else (
    powershell.exe -WindowStyle hidden -file C:\Path\Enable_TouchScreen.ps1

And after you just need to do the shortcut like indicated on the site Windows 8: Create a toggle touch screen button | JoeQuery

If someone have time , next step would be to modify the script to change the icon color/shape when the touchscreen is on/off....;-)
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Francis Beland

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Wow I've been away from this board for awhile. I'm happy to know that the script was useful for a lot of people. Thank you Billy64 for the Toggle button. On my side, I've done 2 icons on my start screen. I'm still using it a lot.