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The Surface 3 waiting room


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I think MS has hit a grand slam out of the park with this device and price point. Even though I have an SP3 and love it I'm still tempted to pick one of these up. The overall feedback from reddit is very positive which I think is a good indication where this thing will go.


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I skimmed through the official announcement by Panos Panay - Microsoft is officially encouraging people to use Drawboard PDF, as it's pre-installed on S3.

Hopefully they will improve performance of inking.


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If I had one to use, I would definitley miss the SP3 kickstand but it looks like a good utility tablet for college students and folks who can't affort the much larger price of a SP3. I think it would serve very usefull for word processing and light spreadsheets but I doubt it would hold up to much heavier duty programs like video & graphic editors. If I had a kid ready to send off to college or even high schooler, this is the product I would get them.

Don't know if any of you caught it but they will be coming out with a S3 version that will have 4G LTE. That would be the first Surface to do so. I bet that means that MS will offer a SP4 with 4G LTE as an option.
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Don't know if any of you caught it but they will be coming out with a S3 version that will have 4G LTE. That would be the first Surface to do so. I bet that means that MS will offer a SP4 with 4G LTE as an option.
Actually the Surface 2 non-Pro had an LTE option too but it was quietly released months after the Surface 2.
From reading about the x7 and Atom's family :) it's not totally clear to me yet but the SoC may come with LTE (optionally). Intel released details about LTE along with the Cherry Trail chips now called x5 & x7 so there may be some tie in/inbuilt support. TBD. Anyway well see if it makes it into SP4 but I still have doubts.

I'm a little disappointed that they didn't leverage the x7 RealSense 3D Camera technology in the Surface 3.

I'm also disappointed they didn't build the S3 using the Tegra X1. I was so looking forward to holding a teraflop of processing power in my hand. :)
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Having just done a price check in the uk store, the price of a 128gb \ 4gb one of these is equivalent to an i3 / 64gb / 4gb pro once pens and keyboards are taken into account...

Not the value I hoped for to be honest, this looked like the perfect machine for awhile.
Will have to wait for performance checks but I'm getting the feeling a i3\i5 fanless broadwell m in a similar size unit might be preferable.


I like the looks of this new machine from what little I've read about it so far. I'm going to read more about it tonight but at $500 this is a strong contender as my next slate! I don't really need all the horse power of the SP3 but I've always been a fan of Surface tablets and used to own the Surface RT. I wish it was going to be out sooner though. I probably will have made up my mind one way or another very soon.


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I like it...I currently have the SP3 which i traded my iPad air out but it was missing key features like being able to charge through USB and LTE but this was pretty much makes it the ultimate mobile computer in my opinion. being able to charge through usb gives you plenty of charge options with external batteries and cables that most of us already have for phones and with LTE (i know the surface 2 had LTE but i mean it wasn't full blown windows) means no needs for external hotspot devices or tethering from your phone and I think its a prefect size to carry around.


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Played with one at the Microsoft store today...didn't even know it was being released...I just saw a device that looked smaller than a Pro 3 lol.

The feel is very nice, and coming from a Pro2, I love the smaller screen size. Micro USB charging is awesome. I wish there was someway to put my SP2 512GB guts into the body of the Surface 3, that would be the perfect machine for me.
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