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Solved The tablet that can replace your laptop - It is not a lie!

The tablet that can replace your laptop - Is it a lie?

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Well, since we're in the photo posting mood (although this ain't the best quality here). I'd say this is laptop-replacin' territory :-D



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Wow, some cool usage pictures in this thread. My usage is a bit more boring in that I don't have a dock and I haven't yet attached it to my monitors....

However it has easily replaced my laptop and is a far better device than my laptop. I'm also considering selling my Nexus 7 tablet as it's pretty much redundant now.

I actually try and manufacture excuses to use my surface. I never used my personal laptop for my day job work but I am now taking my surface to work every day as I intend to use it for note-taking and paper annotation from now on as it and OneNote is starting to completely change the way I work with research/resource material and collaborative material.. At home I still use my Desktop but I often find I miss features of the Surface ...

Enrico D.

I work in finance. I replaced it!!! if I was not sure that it can be the same performance as my old desktop/laptop, I would not make this gamble.
It's the future, and it's just the beginning! To work we need Windows! Forget apple/mac or run windows on mac machines. We need a native Windows pc to work and this is the best solution for now! Thanks Microsoft!!!!!! I tried many solutions from mini itx to intel nuc, gigabyte brix etc and were a disaster, this is crazy, insane, a table 10 and 12 inch that can really replace not our laptop but our desktop.


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Robin, you came to dance in the wrong party.
I gave away my HP laptop about 2 years ago. Since then I'm using for all my needs at home first my ex Surface RT, after that my ex Surface 2 and now my Surface Pro 3.

I use the Pro 3 to help customers via WebEx, maintain my knowledge database of OneNote notes, do jscript programming, reply to work relative emails using Outlook and other job relative tasks.

As my personal and main home PC, I blog at blogger (ultramobilepc-tips.com) and WordPress (wintablet.info), I participate in more forums than all I can remember (this one holds a special place in this list), check few hundreds of emails per day using Mail. Watch TV series using PowerDVD (metro) and Netflix. Use Remote Desktop and MochaVNC to connect into a PC where I run programs that demand more processor power like Handbrake. Copying big files (movies). Occasionally I play Sudoku, no the Microsoft one, that one sucks (great idea, bad coding).

I use a Nokia 810 as 4G access point when I need.

So, does all this qualifies to say that it has replaced my laptop?

I forgot to say, all that using just the Pen. Never the keyboard.
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I swapped my MacBook Air 2011 for this SP3 and couldn't be happier :) I love it. I love the versatility, that I can just remove the keyboard and browse or watch movies in comfort, but with the keyboard on can use it just like my lappy. It's an awesome device.


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my SP3 has totally replaced my laptop, I sold my Toshiba laptop with a dedicated GPU and 16GB of Ram and I haven't regretted it once yet, the lightness and versatile of the SP3 is so awesome


i should take pictures of my SP2. it has replaced desktop/laptop. just wonder what the SP4 will have :D

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Only had it two days so far. But for me the answer is "yes".

Surprised by: how well the stand works, how often I use the touch screen already. My sons have Win8.1 touch screen computers (not Surface products, lets see how long THAT lasts), but the SP3 is my first step from Win7. A few hiccoughs where I did not intuitively know how to do something, but then I figured it out.

As far as the SP3 form and function. I find it quite usable!


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My SP3 has totally replaced my company issued laptop. I hated it because it weighs a ton and is very slow. The SP3 is perfect for using in the field. I use my desktop for some things, but not nearly as much as before. I keep thinking how I could replace it with the SP3.


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I just spent a week on the road with my new i5 128GB (it just replaced my Surface 2). It was my sole machine for Word and Excel document creation, and email with Outlook (personal) and Outlook Web App (work). In the evening, during down time in the motel room, I would watch either Netflix or mp4 movies, or I would read a book with the Kindle app. Or, if I was in the mood, I would play Portal 2 or Bejeweled.
Desktop replacement? Nope, if I got rid of mine I would just build another, that's my hobby. But laptop and tablet replacement? Absolutely. I've felt that way since I got the original RT, and the SP3 just brings a whole lot more to the table.
I didn't vote, I couldn't sort through the double negatives. Consider this my ballot.


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it is a windows hybrid tablet that is as powerful as a high end ultrabook/laptop.

the poll and the subject is NOT align, if the poll option is about surface pro 3 vs laptop, then I am pretty sure most of the answer will be yes.