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The update is here (UK)!


Finally received just minutes ago, Bay Area in Cali, now to test Sleep on my SP2.

The only firmware driver that updated was the UEFI driver.
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Same here, got the firmware.. I was worried about update it but I couldn't resist... the system seem ok right now, Battery Capacity is signed as full in battery report. I'll test better tomorrow about battery performance and will report if I notice some problems... but first impression is positive.


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Also recieved here minutes ago in Denmark.

Gonna do some tests in the coming days with the battery fault i encountered several times with the bugged december firmware.
Had some weird flaggy screen at start up this seems resolved now, so first impression is good.


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Just arrived in Germany too! It's still dated on the 18.1.
Can't install yet because it wants it to be fully charged first, lol
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