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Multiple installs of new firmware updates?


Hi, this whole firmware thing is really getting confusing. I had a failed update 12-10 last December and then 2 days later the 12-10 update installed successfully. I had a 10-24 "hardware" update install successfully on Jan 01 and then a 10-24 hardware update install successfully on Jan 15.

On Jan 21 I had a successful install of the 01-18 firmware update and now this morning (24th) I have another successful install of the 01-18 firmware update.

Is this all correct and if yes, why do I have what appears to be two successful and identical firmware updates within a few days of each other?

Unit is 256GB SP2. I'm getting confused.....

I also noticed that after successfully installing "System Firmware Update - 1/18/2014" the first time, we're getting it offered again.

Except on two of our SP2 units, the second update is labelled "System Hardware Update - 1/18/2014" whereas on our other SP2's, the second update has the same name as the first?

I don't recall how big the first January update was, but this second one was only like 205K. Anyways, I updated all our units again, all successfully...
Some sites have noted that the new firmware will be rolled out in pieces, and that seems o be what's happening.
Only one piece has rolled out, 1/18. This is a common problem. I for one have gotten the 10/24 update 2 dozens times. I select "ignore" and it comes back anyway. Nasty Windows Update bug IMHO
Thanks everyone. All of these updates hasn't seemed to hurt anything so far but I'm still keeping an eye on things. Cheers!