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The XBOX Controller works! Add SNES emulator and it rocks it!


Looking thru my usual youtube and twitter channels and found this video:

t.co/YNJB9S5d or youtu.be/lhh5kxLy07I

the Xbox controller actually connects to the USB and works right out of the box! and tne guy plays super Mario and Punchout games with it without problems!

Im not a big gamer but this might be a big deal for some people :)
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It's not a huge deal, but it sure is something to make owners of other tablets jealous!

I fired up Snes on my tablet the other day in front of some iPad and Android owners and started playing Mario - most of them were very visibly jealous, and were asking how I jailbroke the Surface. They were pretty gobsmacked when I told them I hadn't!

For my next trick, I think I'll do the same thing again, only this time I'll grab an Xbox controller and show off even more ... then I'll probably grab my Surface HDMI adapter, plug it into my widescreen TV - and boom, instant console!
Now /THAT/ will turn heads!!


This is on my list of things to do with the surface, but work stuff has been getting in the way. Can't wait to put all the Nintendo games on there.

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