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Touch cover replacement horror story


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So I received a Surface RT as a gift and of course the keyboard started falling apart. So I called microsoft and requested a new one, they said "sure, no problem, replacement is free" and said "wait 24 for the shipping label to appear in your inbox". So I did and it never came. I was patient and only called 3 days later. It went like this (dates are approximate):

March 15 : First contact with MS. Told their "tools are being updated"
March 18: Second contact with MS. Told "I'm sorry I don't know what happened. Our tools are being updated"
March 20: Third contact with MS. Told "I'm sorry I don't know what happened, let me send you another email"
March 25: Fourth contact with MS. Told "I'm sorry I don't know what happened, I will send your case to the escalations team"
April 7: Fifth contact with MS. They called me at 11:30 pm and said "have you received the email? No? We will escalate the situation"
April 9: Sixth contact with MS. Called me after the time I said I was available and left me a message saying "We've escalated the situation"

April 15 (Today): I've given up all hope

I've also posted on the Microsoft Answers forum and they've answered, but guess what they told me?

Anyways. :mad: and I'm cussing at Microsoft

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MS seems to do well at the hard stuff but the EASY stuff completely eludes them. This is a Management problem. This fish stinks from the head down.

I also had an overheating problem "escalated" and didn't hear from anyone until a week and a half later. MS' motto should be "Talk great, do nothing..."
I can only say I had the total opposite experience when I called them (the UK office) about the same problem. Return label was emailed within mins of my phone call. I had my replacement touch cover in a few days. Really pleased with the service I got.
sorry to hear about your bad experience. I also had the opposite experience when exchanging my Surface RT, although I had to push a little with tweets to @Surface to speed up the process.
Hope this will be resolved for you. Although at your stage I'd be pissed as well.


Can I ask - is this a common issue? One of the locator lugs has snapped off mine, but no signs of it "falling apart". What happens to them?


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I had a very smooth experience exchanging my dead RT for a new one. The whole thing took one week from the time I dropped it off at Fedex to when the new one arrived at my doorstep.
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