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tip: write down your type-cover serial #


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now that the MS retail stores have cleared out all pre-SP3 stock, you can't get the same sorry-sir-here's-a-new-one customer service when something breaks, even when it's under warranty. Boo.

happened to me tonight with an original Type Cover (still the best IMHO - more travel than the others). the serial number had been worn away mostly thanks to repeated attaching/detaching, so they told me there was nothing they could do.

went home and got out a magnifying glass but still couldn't distinguish 3/5/8 and some other digits. so I wrote down various combinations of what the serial number might have been, and luckily one of them matched. so I was able to get mail-in warranty service. had to go through myservice.surface.com


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Better still, register it online when you purchase it -- I did and have received 2 brand new ones when issues arose -- called in and they were able to reference my online registration with serial numbers by my email address.