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Touch keyboard doesn't come up


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hi - new Surface Book user here.

When I try to use Chrome or Firefox with the tablet attached, when I click in a text field (address bar, etc) the touch keyboard doesn't come up. I need to manually click the keyboard in the bottom. Microsoft Edge or I.E. Works fine.

I've tried updating, changing the keyboard settings, etc.

I spent two hours on a remote session with Microsoft Tech and after a bunch of tests and a wipe, they said the machine might be faulty and to exchange it at the store. I did that but it's still having the same problem.

Any thoughts?


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That would be time wasted. It is Google's responsibility to program chrome to bring up the keyboard when a text field is selected. It's not just you, I think we are all experiencing it of late, it's just a waiting game.


First of all, you have to have the 'Tablet mode' activated. It is not enough to only detatch the keyboard.
Second, as previously mentioned, it is Google and Mozilla who have to implement it in their program.

As a sidenote; i have heard of other people experiencing the same with Chrome. In Chrome, the autocorrect feature doesn't work either.


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Long press the start button then open the run command . type in , Chrome --disable-usb-keyboard-detect .Then hit OK . The keyboard should popup in Chrome .This will only work if you start Chrome with the run command . The Run command will save the command so you don't have to re enter it the next time . You do not have to be in Tablet mode . This only works if you start Chrome in the Run command .