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Screen touch keyboard not coming up by itself?


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Hey guys,

I bought my pro 2 less than month before they announced the new pro 3, it hurts but hey i got it for a good deal so whatever.

I am happy with this device so far and its capabilities, i also use it with the power cover

Does anyone know why when i click a blank field the on screen keyboard doesn't automatically pop up.

Now i detach the power cover before i start up or log in when i try this

I have to manually press the keyboard icon on he task bar to get the onscreen keyboard up but there has to be something im overlooking

Any tips would help, thanks!


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Are you in a metro or desktop interface? It doesn't automatically pop-up when in Desktop, you have to press the keyboard icon manually to bring it up.


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Yes, i use it in desktop interface 90% of the time

I never realized it wont automatically bring up the keyboard since i use the power cover alot