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touch not always working


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hi , new here and had my sp3 for half a year now. what is happening now even after a refresh, is that finger touch wont work. i cant click on all links any more sometimes the swipe down to close app wont work either and i have to result in using the pen to do what i want.
anyone else had this recently?
I've not had this problem, but if it persists after resetting your SP3, I would arrange an exchange with MS. I did that myself when apparently the SSD failed.
When I had this issue it was due to my pen. The pen loop put the pen tip too close to the screen when it was in the loop. Cause it to turn off the touch sensitivity, since it thought I was using pen instead. Do not know where your pen is located, but I assume you tried with it laying off to the side of the table. It sounds like you will most likely need to talk to Microsoft for an exchange/repair.