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Solved Problem with touch screen



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I had a very similar problem (SP3 I7, Win10) , where a band along the right side of the screen stopped responding to finger touch, but did respond to the pen. This non-response even included the Windows start button. The problem seemed intermittent, then became full time over the past month or so. I can't associate it with a particular update.

But I did find a fix! There is a YouTube video documenting this issue:
In the comments, the OP points to a related Reddit discussion, which leads to the Sony site:
Sony eSupport - SVF15N190X - Drivers & Software

Here you will find a utility, along with detailed instructions, that somehow recalibrates the screen. Running this restored my screen to normal. Probably worth a try before doing a system reset or returning the unit.

Will it work on Win 10? It says "
Operating System:
Windows® 8.1 64-bit"


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Thank you much! I was about to reset my computer after going through all the useless steps recommended by Microsoft. You saved me a lot of time. You should go and work for them! (SP3 i7 256GB Windows 10).


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registered to confirm that this still works on sp3 win1o, creators update, this was a great find.
The middle of the screen of my surface pro 3 was non responsive, worked with pen, but not with touch.
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