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Touch Screen not working


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I have a Surface 2RT. The other night I powered down the surface. The next day when I turned it on the touch screen would not work. I have gone through the Microsoft suggestions of cleaning the screen, powering down, and have even done a reset back to factory conditions. The Surface functions with the keyboard or mouse but none of the touch screen works. the Surface cannot be used at all without the keyboard. Any other suggestions?


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I have been happy with my RT2 for a long time, because it does exactly what I need it to as a supplement to my laptop.

I have exactly the same problem.
I have called Microsoft support 2 times last week and again today. They first told me to install updates with power connected, and the day after they told me there was a general problem that they were waiting for a solution to, and they expected it to be fixed in a week. But today (a week later) they told me that they were still working on it.
They promised to notify me when it is fixed, but i do not think they will..

Did you get yours working again?



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No, I have not had any luck with my Surface 2RT. I am still having to use the Keyboard. At least now Microsoft has admitted to having a problem. Hopefully there will be an update that will fix the problem. I have thought all along that it is a software issue.

David Enoch


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Also waiting for MS to fix this SOFTWARE issue! I took mine to Geek Squad about 3 weeks ago and they diagnosed hardware issue, but I saw so many people online having this same problem, I know it's not hardware. Oddly, last week it worked for a while after an update, then this morning when I turned it on it was doing its updates thing, and after it got itself updated the screen again was unresponsive. Microsoft is not helpful.. don't waste your time. They want money or an hour of useless re-fresh / re-store nonsense... NO, I did all that, and so did Geek Squad. Not helping.

Personally I think it's worth waiting to see if the software updates eventually resolve this issue... despite your strong urges to drop-kick the device to the curb. Yeah, that would feel really good. I could vent my Silverlight frustrations at the same time..

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