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I am very much so in love with my new Pro. However I have a GENERAL touch screen cleaning question. Microsoft provides fairly generic cleaning ideas for the Surface. I typically use microfiber towels. They do an amazing job of cleaning the smudges and oil off the screen. HOWEVER I noticed that the screen is left behind kinda TACKY feeling. Should the screen get dirty enough do you guys have suggestions for cleaners? They say lens cleaner... What about TV Screen Cleaner?

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You could use a tiny amount of water on the cloth, not on the screen directly. No chemicals of any kind.


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I use 3M's High Performance Cloth (9027) stored in a ziploc baggie, completely dry. Gets the smudges off the Gorilla Glass nicely. Didn't work so well for the finger smudges on the VaporMg casing, but I have a nice vinyl decal for that now.