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Surface RT can't keep up with repeated backspace taps


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I am not sure if it is just my Surface RT, but whenever I need to use the backspace key either on the touch cover or the screen keyboard, and have to do repeated backspace keypresses by holding it down (Such as if you want to delete a line of text), it seems the Surface RT cannot keep up with the action, and the audio tapping sound the Surface makes is not in sync with the action on the screen. Anyone else notice this?

Not a big deal, but after almost 6 months in the market, you would think little quirks like this would be addressed by MS, unless it is just my device doing it. Give it a try - Hold down the backspace key (Upper righthand corner of the keyboard) and try deleting a bunch of text - Make sure your volume is turned up.


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If you want to delete large amounts of text you should select (by touching) the start point and then the end point (by touching). After that hit the backspace key.


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I know there are other ways to delete text but I was bringing up the point that there is something up with the backspace function.


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I'll give this a go tonight. While there are obviously various methods to delete text, it's fair to expect the surface to handle all of them


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I'll give this a go tonight. While there are obviously various methods to delete text, it's fair to expect the surface to handle all of them
I think that depends on what you mean by "handle them." I think bosamar's point is equally valid. I can run into the same issue on my desktop where holding a key for an extended period can cause lag depending on what is going on. For example after all of the text is deleted I may get the bong, bong, bong for two or three seconds after the text is gone and I have let off the button. There are other methods of handling actions like this for a reason.

For the record, I am not having this issue on my Surface RT. You may want to try a reboot to see if it clears the RAM and also check your task manager for a rouge process hogging resources. I can hold down a key and it repeats the key very quickly and without sound. Holding the backspace key does the same thing and deletes without stuttering or sound. I have the touch cover and if I press a key as fast as I can the sound and the screen keep up and I get the same response from the backspace key.


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My surface can handle it fine. However I vaguely recall this happening to me early on. Are all your updates installed?
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