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Touch screen not working


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A couple of months ago some Apps on my 2+ years old S2 stopped working. Reinstalling them did not work so I did a Refresh which fixed it.

A month later the touch screen stopped responding; except that dragging from the centre of the top margin (camera?) to the centre of the bottom margin (window symbol) would still kill the current process.

Tried updating HID touch screen driver (said it was up to date) uninstalled the HID touch screen driver and Firmware driver. re-started, No Joy!

After a holiday where I did not want to risk further problems, a couple of days ago I tried Reset to Factory (without the 'delete all files, might take several hours' option) . Still no Joy. It has since installed about 40 updates but still not working except as described in para 2.

What do I do next? Or do I just learn to live without it? How do I zoom out of a 'HERE MAP' without using 2 fingers on the screen?
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