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TouchMe Gesture Control Studio - Configure your own finger swipe gestures


I know with Chrome Canary, doing a 2 finger "tip-tap" works natively, pretty much exactly like TouchMe. Sounds like with both TouchMe and Chrome responding the same way to a tip-tap, TouchMe might be sending the control command while Chrome itself is also switching tabs, causing this problem.

You can probably disable this feature in chrome://flags but personally I disabled TouchMe's version of 2 finger tip-tap and use Chrome's exclusively. Chrome Canary also now supports an iPad-like gesture navigation by horizontal overscroll. Very slick.

Interesting. So Chrome is now using TouchMe features eh? I should talk to Google... =]

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This app is going to change the way I use my SP2! How is this not a standard feature in Win 8.1? Great job on this!


I trialled this for a day and HAD to buy it. So ingenious, I love it!
I am on Windows 10 preview and missed the gestures in the modern IE as this isn't available in win 10. Using it on a Surface Pro 3 and I am constantly looking for new ways to implement gestures in different apps now. For instance I have a 3 finger swipe left for undo in Zbrush and swipe right for redo. Feels so natural. Thank you.

If there is a way to implement the drawing of different letters or symbols as gestures as mentioned in previous posts that would be awesome. I used to use such gestures in Dolphin browser on an iPad to go to specific pages etc.


how come I have been this forum for many months, I just saw this awsome app tonight. It should be stick on top , everyone come this forum they can see it.
I'm definitely going to buy this , if you add just a single finger gesture which would be nice, I don't like the 2 finger up gesture (show touch keyboad), can you add a single finger Tip-Tap to show the keyboad please, the reason is when I need the keyboad to input some text, 2 finger up makes the website move up a little bit, I don't like this ,I want to just double click my single finger at the place I want to input ,the keyboard will show up ,sorry my bad English ,hope you can understand what I mean. Good job ,keep going!


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I had the Surface Pro 1 and recently purchased the Pro 3. I don't know how I have never came across this until now, but I am so glad that I did. I was looking for a better way to display the touch keyboard, and this made my life so much easier. I am using the trial right now, but will definitely be purchasing. Thanks for the awesome app, and keep up the good work!