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TouchMousePointer - Emulate touchpad on touchscreen devices


Anyways I'm trying to decide between the side, float, and full screen modes.

I have the float mode positioned near the top right corner. Just above the Touch Keyboard when it's raised, but also not covering the top-right corner (where the full-screen window 'X' close button usually is). Note that TouchMousePointer stores separate positions for landscape and portrait orientations.

The side (right) mode gives me similar functionality in that I still have some virtual touchpad area to play with even with the Touch Keyboard raised.

Both float and side modes are also set to show "many keys", mainly to get the missing Alt (and Esc) key, since the assist pad on the bottom left is hidden by the Touch Keyboard.

But... there's just something so freeing about using the full screen mode, where you don't even have to watch your fingers to make sure they stay within the touchpad area :)