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Touchscreen stopped working


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all of a sudden my touchscreen stopped working. It was working just fine, left it on the table for a few days and then it didn't work anymore.

done a lot of research online and tried soft-resets, rolling back the touch firmware etc.
What I've found is that apparently a firmware update failed to complete in october 2015. Why is that suddenly bothering me now?

as I am currently travelling I'm not particularly happy trying a factory reset and losing all my data.

anybody have any suggestions on how to solve this?


screenshots of the firware situation:





been a while as I've been trying to fix this and have let the battery bleed out as well as I've read somewhere as a possible solution.
It did try to solve a detected problem with the touch firmware after the first startup, but it gave a message that it couldn't be fixed.

today I've uninstalled the touch firmware, the touch HID device firmware and a bunch of unused HID user interface devices firmware.
all to no effect unfortunately

I'm giving up now as I'm travelling for a long time. When I get back home I'll save my files and try a factory reset. Allthough I wish I wouldn't have to go through that time consuming process.

It looks like there are more and more people with the same problem, so I hope in the meantime Microsoft will come up with a fix or a diagonistic tool at the least.

Once I get back home I'll update this post on my progress and findings.
I've seen the same thing happen to mine .. just was sitting there plugged in for a few weeks and now touch no longer works although it registers a sound/vibration when I hit the home atea
I've checked for updates after the recent security issues seen in the UK around the NSA-hack. I think it was already updated, and I've not used the surface in a couple of weeks.

last weekend, I started it up again and suddenly the touchscreen is working again!
Absolutely no idea how or why, but there must have been some kind of update triggering the drivers to fix itself.

I'll count my blessings and won't change anything to find out what happened!

this thread is solved and for me can be closed