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Transfering files from NAS drive to Win 8.1 RT tablet


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I want to transfer files from my NAS drive to my Win 8.1 RT tablet where I have touch screen only. I can do one file at a time but there must be a better way to copy a group of files existing in the same folder to my tablet. I've yet figure out how to select a group of files from tablet. Sure miss Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V!

Any suggestions would be most appreciated.



This is one of those areas where a legacy app, in this case Windows Explorer, is not set up particularly well for touch. There may be other options – hopefully – but the files can be isolated if touched exactly where the checkbox is shown in the accompanying image. Pretty difficult with a finger, not so bad with a capacitive stylus.



Have you not got a mouse you could use under these circumstances, it would make things a whole lot easier, if your doing this at home, I see no reason not to make things easier by using a mouse.


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Fancy finger work...

You can also swipe your finger over a group of adjacent files in Explorer RT to select multiple files. It works just like selecting multiple files with a mouse on a regular PC. Remember, however, you need to start in the blank area after (or below/above) the file names and not directly on the file names.

Cheers! @(*o*)@


BTW I ordered by RT on Black Friday and have copied a number of directories to my RT from my NAS via Wi-Fi. It's pretty slick!
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There are many FTP apps in the Windows Store you can use for transferring large amounts of files.