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Two MAJOR problems with SP3... hoping for a bit of help :)

Scott Voiers

New Member
Trying to get my SP3 all set up and running and ran into two major problems.

1) sound does not work through speakers, only through headphones. Checked to make sure everything is updated, drivers, etc. Restarted computer, took headphones in and out, all that. When something should be making a sound, no output indication is present in the little sound icon at the bottom right. Everything is all good with headphones however

2) internet explorer refuses to play YouTube videos without encountering an error (says that "video unable to play" after a few seconds of glitches). Note that flash does work, flash is up to date, and other HTML5 videos play on sites such as vimeo.

These two problems are crippling me completely


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1) The speaker issue is odd, did you plug into hdmi or another output? Right click on the little sound icon and go to playback devices and see what you have as default. If that doesn't work maybe go and see if you can find the sound controller in device manager.

2) Do the videos work on chrome or another browser? Are you using the metro or desktop app? Maybe it's an issue with youtube.

Scott Voiers

New Member
Well I went ahead and did a windows "refresh" and that fixed the problem. Pretty disturbing considering I got the tablet literally last night and I've already had to refresh but it is what it is. Hopefully it keeps working.


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You never can tell, it's so weird. I've taken 10 identical computers out of the box, set up and configured them step-by-step in the exact same way and order, and sure enough one of them will fail to install something properly, or reboot and declare a bunch of services failed to start, or some other thing. As much as the machines seem the same... on some level, they're all unique! :)

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