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Help with external display U2414H Slow Motion?


I bought two Dell U2414H's and have one hooked up so far to the docking station with a mini displayport cable. I had to set the refresh to 60 hertz in order for it to not go into a weird loop of on/off.

So right now I have it all up and looks great, however any video I try to play basically plays in slow motion. I've tried Plex, Slingplayer, youtube. If I move the video the surface screen it does the same thing too. I have the updated intel driver installed from Intel but it doesn't seem to matter. I can't figure out why any video I play looks like it plays in slow motion. It also has no audio during this too. Could it be a bad cable? Anyone else run into this and know a fix? It's not usable for anything video related when I have the monitor hooked up.

Edit: Oddly enough, this was a problem with audio. The Dell Monitor must have speakers and the Surface made the default audio device the monitor. I changed it back to the dock and immediately video was smooth again.
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Odd. I have two Dell U2414H connected to my dock, daisy chained. Refresh is fine left at 59 hertz .
If you have not already done so. In each monitors settings panel set "display port 1.2 = enable" on the the first U2414H and Disable on the second U2414H for the pass through to work. The input source will depend on which cables you use I guess but mine are as follows.

U2414H 1, input source = Display Port. Display settings DisplayPort 1.2 = enable.
U2414H 2, input source = Mini Display Port. Display settings DisplayPort 1.2 = disable.