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Type Cover 2 Availability


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We ordered a 32gb Surface Bundle on black Friday with a Type Cover 2. The Surface shipped and the Type Cover 2 was expected to ship 12/31. Today, the Type Cover 2 was listed as cancelled on our order. After calling to check on the order, Microsoft has cancelled the item from our bundle. The item was cancelled and we were not notified. On the Microsoft website, the Type Cover 2 is listed as out of stock. Does anyone know what is happenning with the Type Cover 2 or when it will return to stock? Thank you.


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I don't how they are being rationed out locally, but I know within a few days of getting them in they are gone. I got a purple one at a 20% discount because someone kept it for a day & returned it.


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Due to some combo of high demand and short supply, MSFT's site has seldom had Type Cover 2s in stock. I tried a bunch of big-box retailers that carry them (Best Buy, Staples, Frys, etc.), but they too were out.

Do you care about color? Ultimately, I got my Black one off Walmart.com and am using one now to write this post. Looks as though they too are sold out of them now, but they still have cyan: Microsoft Type Cover 2 for Microsoft Surface, Cyan: iPad & eReaders : Walmart.com


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I went for black on day one as it was the only colour available. I would have liked another colour, but it wasn't important enough for me to delay getting it.

However if my order had been cancelled with no warning/explanation I'd be complaining like a ********* at them!
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I can't help but feel sorry for MS. For the first gen they made too many. For the 2nd gen they made too few. Doesn't look like they're getting any break.


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Third time lucky then?